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Our modular fermentation systems offer numerous advantages for agricultural farms.


In practice

Practical report from Wilhelm & Alexander Drexler


The biogenic waste that arises in everyday farming activities, regardless of whether crops or livestock farming, can be directly used for producing energy and compost in a Pöttinger fermentation system, whilst simultaneously protecting the environment.

In doing so, the bio-gas produced represents a flexible energy source for the business. It can be used for heating, cooling and electrical power. If the bio-gas produced is treated it can also be used to fuel the company's fleet of vehicles.

The fermentation residue, which has been refined into high-quality compost, represents ideal biogenic fertiliser for organic gardening as well as for grassland and arable land. This forms the basis for nutrient-rich foodstuffs.

Ecological agriculture

  • Fertilisation with high-quality compost ensures well-balanced nutrient and vitamin content in agricultural produce.
  • A functional ecosystem in the soil has a significant positive effect on the CO2balance.

Countryside conservation

  • Green waste and woody biomasses that cannot be used as feed can be recycled into bio-gas and compost in a CO2 neutral process.

Energy management

  • The business model of the farmer can be expanded to include the generation of climate-friendly alternative energy, without a great deal of additional expenditure.
  • The bio-gas produced can be used in-house for heating, cooling and for electrical power or could be fed into the public network.
  • Once treated the bio-gas can also be used as fuel for the agricultural vehicles.

Livestock farming, for example horse courtyards

  • Horse dung can be recycled in the fermenter boxes, cleanly and with little odour and prepared as compost.
  • The compact modular construction of the fermenter boxes reduces the space requirements considerably
  • The energy generated by the fermentation process can be used for running the stables and riding facilities