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Our comprehensive expertise in many areas ensures the best products and first-class service

Quality can be felt everywhere. It starts with the use of high-quality components, is integrated into the product through our excellently trained and motivated employees and last but not least, is also reflected in the individual and personal advice and support for our customers. This holistic approach to quality is a part of our daily life. This is why our systems are in successful use and represent economic efficiency, durability and customer-oriented rapid support for any questions about our fermenters.

Our extensive know-how is based on our roots, PÖTTINGER Landtechnik, one of the most well-known medium-sized manufacturers of agricultural machinery for more than 140 years. This great expertise in metalworking, based on the knowledge of our in-house production, in combination with decades of intensive research and work on dry fermentation, make us one of the world's leading suppliers of innovative fermentation facilities.

Quality lasts – this is why we offer our customers:

  • Many years of experience
  • Technical expertise
  • Passion for the subject
  • Highly qualified employees
  • Continuous training and further education

Continuous training and further education:

  • Digitalisation
  • 3D planning
  • Metal processing
  • Surface technology, incl. powder coating
  • Assembling
  • Biochemistry
  • Composting
  • Fermentation