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Material flows

Recycle waste and refine rather then discard

Return to nature what has been taken from her – a responsible circle economy relies not only on the quantity of waste materials recycled but also on the quality of the recycling. With this in mind, all biogenic material flows must be sustainably and appropriately controlled.

In this respect, the PÖTTINGER fermenter does an impressive job on several levels, as it combines the opportunities of climate-neutral energy extraction from organic residues with the return of high-quality compost to the earth.


Organic residues which are suitable for processing in the PÖTTINGER fermenter can be found in our everyday life:

  • Municipal green waste
  • Municipal organic waste from households
  • Manure from agricultural livestock farming
  • Vegetable residues from agriculture
  • Organic waste from the food industry and supermarkets


With the PÖTTINGER fermenter the extraction of energy from organic residues can flow in different directions:

Bio-gas for heating and cooling

  • Because the bio-gas from our systems has an average methane content of over 50%, it can be burned in a gas-fired boiler to generate heat. The (waste) heat produced can be used, for example, for the air conditioning of buildings in the summer by being converted into cooling via an absorption chiller.

Bio-gas for electrical energy and heat

  • A highly efficient energy yield of electricity and heat can be achieved with a combined heat and power unit (CHP).

Bio-gas as vehicle fuel

  • Bio-gas can be used as fuel for vehicles in two different ways:
    Directly:For bio-gas vehicles
    Indirectly: For bio-gas vehicles

Bio-gas as natural gas substitute

  • The bio-gas produced comprises approx. 50% methane, the principal constituent of natural gas. For this reason, it can be fed into the natural gas network after cleaning and compressing to the required pressure level.

Fermentation residue as fertilising compost

  • The fermentation residue from our fermentation process is ideally suited for further use as high-quality compost. As a fertilising compost, this is the perfect choice for creating productive soils that are essential for energy-rich and nutrient-rich foodstuffs.