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Bioeconomy day at Hohenheim Castle:

Agricultural material flows and new business models for biogas plants

On November 28, 2019, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg organized the 4th Bioeconomy Day at the University of Hohenheim together with the Ministry for Rural Areas and Consumer Protection (MLR).


150 experts from science and research, business, politics and administration from Germany and Europe use the event to intensively discuss approaches for agricultural material flows and new business models for biogas plants.


The concept of bioeconomy is based on the natural material cycles and tries to combine the economic, ecological and social challenges of our time in an interdisciplinary manner. Baden-Württemberg presented itself as the first European region with its own bioeconomy strategy, which is set to run for five years and will be implemented in early 2020.


During a breakout session called "Biobased Innovations" Dr. Guntram Bock, Managing Director of PÖTTINGER Entsorgungstechnik presented practical approaches for the implementation of a sustainable bioeconomy. As at the "Alpine Bioeconomy Workshop" in Linz, the possibilities of dry fermentation in closed systems met with keen interest. The short-term feasibility and immediate climate effects were particularly convincing. But also the independence from weather or season for energy generation as well as the efficiency of organic residues as input material were enthusiastically received by the audience.


With the PÖTTINGER fermenter no methane gas escapes for renewable energy generation, due to the closed system. The digestate is a valuable raw compost that is available for regenerative soil build-up - in the sense of a circular economy and a sustainable energy and climate concept.