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Our fermentation system

Thanks to the modular concept, the performance of the system can be tailored to suit individual requirements

The PÖTTINGER fermenter is optimised to recycle organic residues in exactly the same way as in nature. In contrast to simple disposal and combustion, our fermenter system completes the material cycle both in economical and ecological terms. The natural combination of bio- gas production and composting pays off and also saves the atmosphere around 267 kg of CO2 per ton of organic waste.

The PÖTTINGER fermenter is a flexibly scalable system comprising a technical container with integrated control unit and at least 3 to max. 15 further fermenter boxes for the conversion of organic residues into bio-gas and raw compost. Each container box corresponds to a working volume of 45 m³. Thanks to the modular construction, the system can be tailored to suit individual requirements with annual capacities from 1,000 to 5,000 t..

The closed system of the fermenter boxes results in a significant reduction in odour emissions with sensitive input materials, such as: Leftover food, spoiled foodstuffs and sewage sludge.

An overview of the PÖTTINGER Fermenter:

  • Container-based concept
  • Closed system
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Capacities from 1,000 t
  • Optimised for the recycling of organic residues
  • Ideal processing and perfect interaction of all components
  • Durableand reliable PÖTTINGER technology

Technical details
Space requirements for 3 fermenters, 1 technical container and handling: ~ 500 m²
Working volume per container: 45 m³
Process interval: 3-4 weeks