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Biogas from straw as a sustainable alternative to modern biogas production

Last Wednesday, 28 August, we were guest speakers and exhibitors at the biogas symposium "Biogas aus Stroh" in Heiden, Germany. Under the title: “Dry fermentation with horse manure: A viable concept for biogas production”, we presented the possibilities and advantages of using horse manure with the 3A process.

In detail, we presented the results from a series of laboratory fermentation tests as well as initial empirical values from practical experience. The conclusion was positive: The dry fermentation of horse manure offers great potential for biogas plant operators, both with regard to process engineering aspects and economic factors, and in terms of sustainable nutrient management. The economic evaluation in particular was very convincing. It clearly demonstrated that the recycling of horse manure enables effective and efficient operation, even without green electricity subsidies. In addition to our presentation, the symposium participants were able to find out about our work and fermenter plants at our exhibition stand.