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Greening the Gas


Dr Guntram Bock, Managing Director of PÖTTINGER Entsorgungstechnik, was a guest at the Mission Innovation Austria Week - the top forum for innovative renewable energy systems - in Stegersbach on 7 May. Once again it became clear: PÖTTINGER dry fermenter technology can make a sustainable contribution to the future energy industry and climate protection.

“Greening the Gas” was the theme of the technology workshop to which Guntram Bock, along with Austrian and international experts, was invited in order to illustrate the PÖTTINGER Fermenter potential of CO2-neutral biogas production and utilisation. The panel discussion, hosted by Dr Horst Steinmüller, Energy Institute at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, resulted in an “Innovation Roadmap” that outlines ways in which Austria can meet its 2030 climate goals. The “Innovation Roadmap” is to be presented to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (Mission Innovation Initiatives of the Austrian Federal Government).

The discussion was dominated by the three main topics: “input materials”, “processing technologies” and “applications”. When it comes to input materials, we have, first and foremost, advocated the potential of biogenic waste in agriculture; the quantities of which should not be neglected as valuable resources. As far as actual processing technologies are concerned, we consider it essential to enhance the value chain for the use of methane and to rely on distributed solutions and plants. Climate protection must be embraced by as many people as possible. When discussing the applications, we believe that the most important question is how to develop marketable and increasingly utilisable products from dry fermentation and methanation, as well as from fermentation residues. PÖTTINGER Entsorgungstechnik will continue to work as an innovation driver and to explore future-oriented and marketable solutions.

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Guntram Bock was a guest at the Mission Innovation Austria Week