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Pöttinger Fermenter: Well on course

Our current CO2 status

Klaus Pöttinger presented the vision of sparing our atmosphere 1 million tons of CO2 in just 10 years in the autumn of 2016. And his words have been followed by deeds: A current extrapolation after just two years shows: 210. 233 tons of CO2have already been prevented, so over 20 percent of the goal has been reached. It can be assumed that the potential for savings can be further increased as the fermenter technology is acquiring ever-increasing relevance. "Of course this can act as a model", explains Klaus Pöttinger. "I want to show that with relatively simple actions it is possible for many parties – for example farmers and communities – to dramatically reduce our ecological footprint."

The plan, with the motto "One World", is intended to slow down the spiral of ever-increasing CO2 emissions by 1 million tons and is based on three pillars: Firstly, through the climate-neutral recycling of organic residues in our innovative fermenter system, secondly, through the use of high-compression pressing containers that reduce the volume of waste transported and thirdly through targeted afforestation measures which likewise have a positive effect on the CO2 balance..