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Food industry and supermarkets

PÖTTINGER fermenters provide a valuable contribution for responsible handling of foodstuffs all the way along the value-adding chain

Around one third of all foodstuffs produced in the world does not arrive at the consumer but rather "goes missing" en-route. These losses along the value-adding chain start as early as on the farm, e.g. due to over production or quality requirements with regard to shape and size. A portion of these foodstuffs can be reused as feed, the remainder often ends up in the municipal waste disposal system.

However, food often ends up as organic waste at later stations in the value adding chain, such as at processors, in retail or at the consumers. Incorrect quantities, oversupply, consumer habits and expiry dates are often the primary reasons for this. For example, approximately a third of the unsold food is returned to the farmer, a third is passed on to social enterprise kitchens and a third ends up in the waste disposal system.

All food that does not find its way into the nutrition chain, is organic residue that should certainly be recycled. PÖTTINGER Fermenter offers individual and economical solutions for the foodstuffs industry to ensure that all organic residues that arise can be sustainably incorporated in a circle economy.